Our Product

Bruce L Jones Contractor Company strives to produce the highest quality wall panels in the business as well as supplying the labor force to install the turn-key framing.

Wall Panels

Our wall panels are designed to meet or exceed all architectural and structural designs. We incorporate all sheathing blocking, wall ties, plumbing accesses, and nailers for tubs and showers. Along with all bearing posts to match floor and roof girder truss locations. Our facility can handle any size or shape wall.

The cutting area pre-cuts all of the lumber needed to build the walls for each stack.

The cutting and layout of the top and bottom plates are key to the walls being built accurately.


All posts, headers, jacks and wall ties are pre-built and packaged per stack of walls. This allows for the flexibility to produce stacks on multiple lines, of the same job, or mix multiple jobs over multiple lines.

Bruce L Jones Contracting Company - Hanover, PA - Production Line

Wall Lines

With up to five wall lines, we can produce stacks for multiple jobs simultaneously. This allows us to keep all of our projects on or ahead of schedule at all times.

By building in a controlled environment, we can build the highest quality walls, while allowing our builders to remain safe and healthy.

Our Commitment

We also recycle most material back into the walls, leaving very little waste.

Combined with our experienced team of field personnel, that install the wall panels. We have the ability to handle any size project.

Bruce L Jones Contracting Company - Hanover, PA - Production Line