About Us

Bruce L Jones Contractor Company produces the highest quality turnkey packages in the area. From residential to commercial projects, along with our highly skilled framers and subcontractors, we can take any project from blueprints through to completion in a fast and efficient manner.

Who We Are

It starts with our experienced estimators, designers, and office staff. Together we become project managers finding and eliminating potential problems. We also communicate with all phases of a project from builders to supervisors, from architects and structural engineers to the owners. We make sure the entire project is coordinated, and the wall panels are designed and built accurately.

Our very flexible plant builds the wall panels on up to 5 panel lines with teams of 3 experienced builders on each line. Our plant can produce an average of 12000 lineal feet of panels each week. This allows us to have an extremely fast turnaround time, from design to delivery. It also allows us to make sure that all projects stay ahead of schedule.

Our skilled supervisors, framers, and subcontractors erect projects fast and efficiently. Keeping job sites safe, clean, and organized. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of the building process, and keep projects flowing smoothly until completion.

Bruce L Jones Contractor Company works with the National Framing Council’s FRAMESAFE program to keep our job sites as safe as possible. The program is designed to educate our workforce on safe work practices, and to meet OSHA requirements.

Bruce L Jones Contracting Company - Hanover, PA - Project - Framing Construction

Core Purpose (Mission)

We use renewable resources to build the structures that house families and move products around the world.

Core Values

The principles that guide our internal conduct and our relationships with the external world.

  • Exceed the expectations of our customers:
    • Build it right;
    • Meet our commitments;
    • Build trust through actions.
  • Hold yourself and your peers accountable:
    • Be on time;
    • Set clear goals;
    • Ask for feedback;
    • Follow through.
  • Be an excellent communicator:
    • Always be honest;
    • Listen attentively;
    • Speak sincerely and constructively;
    • Ask for help if you need it.
  • Be conscientious of social responsibilities:
    • Active in our communities;
    • Recycle our waste;
    • Lead by example.

Long-Term Vision

We are a leader in our industry, we promote conservation and sustainable practices, and we are stewards of our community.

Vivid Description of a Desired Future

Wood packaging and framing construction using wood plays a key role in contributing to healthy markets, healthy forests and healthy communities. Wood is naturally renewable, sustainable, strong, durable, reusable and recyclable. Currently, we’re planting more than five trees for every man, woman and child in the United States. It’s a good story and we’re proud that our businesses all use wood as the main component in operations.

JFR Holdings combines a diverse number of family-owned and operated entities within the Industrial Products and Construction Products/Services industries. The first, J.F. Rohrbaugh, was started in 1880 and remains operational to this day. Currently, it’s the oldest “family-run” business in the Hanover community. JFR Holdings was created in 2015 when West Side Wood Products was purchased. In 2017, Bruce Jones Contractor and Jones Building Supply were added to JFR Holdings, creating an entity that is recognized as best in its class in Industrial and Construction products and services.

We’re focused on sustaining a competitive advantage in our market by being the unrivaled service provider in all of our business segments. Specifically, we will practice the 24/7 proposition in our communications, deliver to our customers what and when they expect it and continue to measure customer retention as the highest indicator of success. We take the time to ask our clients what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong, and leveraging that information to continually improve everything we do.

Continually working to build a culture of execution, we will strive to create an internal cost advantage by being accountable and becoming a people-centered provider. We’re committed to finding and retaining the best people, ensuring our long-standing reputation as a leader in the industries we operate within. Each year, we’ll ask our partners how we’re doing, where we can improve as an organization and implement changes that will continue to uphold our reputation as a premier place of employment in and around the communities we operate. We’ll provide trainings that allow our people the opportunity to improve professionally. We’ll use coaching and mentoring as a tool to more effectively communicate and help our people meet their lifestyle needs.

We’re committed to giving back to our community whenever possible and supporting the outside charitable interests of our people. We will strive to consistently provide the necessary resources for the continued overall growth of our local communities, focusing on leadership development and the environment.

Framing the American Dream

In 1996, Bruce L Jones participated in the making of “Framing the American Dream”.

Featuring two 2,600 square-foot homes built simultaneously. One was built using wood component systems framing, and the other fully engineered conventional stick framing.